After training with D’Shawn, I noticed a full improvement in my everyday life…


Lieutenant Colonel Rhonda L. Donze, U.S. Air Force

“… D’Shawn has taught my boys so much. I had no idea that they would also be learning so many life lessons. Lessons on leadership, courage, and working hard to achieve your goals. D’ Shawn is as awesome personal trainer, but more importantly, he is a GREAT role model and we feel so blessed that he is a part of our lives.”

Jenny Green Joyner

“…My Body By D experience does not end with physical changes. I am a different person inside as well as out.  Walking in that door was the best decision I have ever made. Body By D is not just about exercise and fitness, it is about family. I am a single mom of three, did not have many friends in the area, worked all the time and didn’t have much of a life outside of that. Now, I have made friends for life and support them in their goals as much as they support me in mine. I walk with my head up and am full of confidence that was missing in my life before.”

Amy P Moore

“…As a high school and college athlete, physical fitness has always been and important part of my life. After years of running and quickly approaching the age of 50 I was not getting the results I wanted. So I decided to start training with D’shawn Wright, and it has been the best fitness decision I have ever made. I look forward to the variety of challenging workouts and the welcoming atmosphere when you walk into the gym. D’shawn’s mission is not only to get you in the best physical condition possible, but also to help build self confidence in his clients. It’s like a one stop shop…”

Chris Pinder – Former Major League Baseball Player

“As a proud father, I just wanted to thank you two for the great opportunity you have given my kids to better themselves on the field and in life. I completely subscribe to your approach, on achieving the highest potential as an individual, mentally and physically. You have given my kids another step up to compete on the field, and shown them what it means to GET YOUR MIND RIGHT. Thank you for everything.”

Maggie Tyler Pitcher Virginia Tech

“…With the help of D’Shawn and the whole BBD staff, I have accomplished goals that seemed unimaginable before joining the gym. D’Shawn is a very accomplished trainer and I am incredibly grateful for all his careful guidance and support, and his patience towards helping me become the athlete I knew I was capable of becoming. Every trial and tribulation I come across in life I can somehow relate to the lessons BBD has taught me. Thanks to my family at Body By D Gym, I feel completely prepared to play softball at the college level.”

Dillon Woody, Firefighter/Medic York County Fire and Life Safety

“Being a Firefighter is a job that takes both mental and physical strength. Fitness is the best way to keep your mind Wright and body strong.  Body by D is located in York County Fire district one and is accessible for the firefighters on duty. For the past year “C” shift has been going to work out at Body By D nearly every shift. Every firefighter on the shift has increased their strength and endurance significantly since our routine attendance to Body by D. Station life has improved with friendly competition between firefighters. Over all we are a healthier and stronger crew. Every time we show up to exercise the staff has been excellent. Not only is the staff friendly and approachable but are also extremely knowledgeable with strength and endurance training. The crew is down to earth and positive and always willing to help. The facility is always clean and has a variety of equipment for all fitness levels. Body by D has been very good to the firefighters at station one and I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in fitness of any type.”